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Marietta, SC

Tandem Discovery Flights

We offer Tandem Discovery flights that give you the opportunity to enjoy flight in a safe instructional environment. You will be able to handle the controls and get a feel for what its like to be a paramotor pilot! $199, add a fully edited GoPro video for $49 minimum 30 minute flight CALL TO SCHEDULE

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PPG Intro 101: Kiting & Ground School

Interested in powered paragliding? This is the class for you! A full day of kiting and ground school to familiarize yourself with the sport and the equipment. $199 includes equipment and snack CALL TO SCHEDULE

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Foot Launch Full Course

This is our Zero to Hero course for those wanting to foot launch. This course can span up to two weeks depending on weather. We will cover a full syllabus, travel to different sites, and get those first flights in while under instruction of a USPPA certified instructor. CALL TO SCHEDULE $3000

Unlimited follow up training for one year included for those who purchase a wing and motor

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Trike Full Course

Our Zero to Hero Wheels Class is designed to get you flying safely on the trike of your choice! $3000 Call to Schedule

Unlimited follow up training for one year included

Trike Transition Course

Already footlaunching but want to move to wheels? We can help! Our Trike Transition class was designed to get you rolling fast and safe! This class also includes a tandem ride for instructional purposes. $400 per day typical student takes 2-3 days. equipment included. CALL TO SCHEDULE

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Tactical XC/ Instructional Adventure Trips

The same class we use to train the military. Enjoy Adventure Mountain Flying and Planning in a guided atmosphere. We have several Epic Adventures to choose from in the area ranging from Chimney Rock, the Biltmore Grounds, and Mountain Top excursions. We can provide rental gear for an extra fee. This is a 3 day class with a minimum of one day of full flying XC. $1000

Tandem Exemption Training

Thinking about taking a passenger? We can help you achieve the skill set and the legal exemption needed to do so safely! We offer a training program with a curriculum specifically designed to achieve your tandem needs! Applicants must have a minimum of 100hrs of flying in the last year, PPG3 level skills, and a great attitude! Don’t already fly trike? We can handle that as well for an additional fee. Class takes 3-5 days.

$1200 with trike experience

$1500 with no trike experience (transition class)

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Meet Our Trainers

Brook Sheffield

Brook is a dedicated full time pilot and flight instructor. He carries an Advanced flight instructor certification from ASC, USPPA instructor certifications for foot launch and wheels, SIV experience, free flight P2 rating and extensive flight hours.

Equipment Sales

We Exclusively Train on the Parajet Maverick

We also carry many brands of paramotors and wings!